We are on a mission to bring back quality woodworking craftsmanship.  To create amazing solid wood furniture and home decor items that will last you a lifetime.  To create furnishing pieces from sustainable sourced wood that is stabilized with epoxy to add that modern touch.  Functional art pieces that you can use and enjoy on a daily basis.  Using local and domestic salvage wood and creating one of a kind lifetime pieces.  We want to bring back the pride in having pieces that you want to have for a lifetime and will last you a lifetime.  

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Our Story

A Brief History of Knotty Wood Design

       We founded Knotty Wood Design as a platform to showcase and sell quality solid wood products. Sometimes in today’s modern world we can forget the beauty in the natural, beautiful soild wood.  What better way to be sustainable than using a solid natural product that has not undergone any extreme processing or shipping.   Weather creating pieces from live edge woods, local hardwoods or exotic woods.  We carefully handcraft each cutting board, charcuterie board and live edge table to bring out the beauty in the pieces we create.  We believe that every project begins with passion and ends with pride in creating beautiful handcrafted pieces for your home.

      We look for pieces that are traditionally called salvage wood.  These are piece of wood that in normal wood working are not stable enough to use.  They are too fragile or rough to use.  We then take these pieces and use epoxy to stabilize and strengthen the wood.  But we don’t stop there.  We have developed a variety of pour techniques to create different effects in the epoxy to enhance what we see.  The epoxy become a vital part in creating the final look.  We create amazing effect that feel like a rushing river, coastal shoreline, mountains or a dancing fire.  Through a variety of colours and techniques we enhance the beauty that mother nature created.  

"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

Johannes Brahms

Cabinet Maker



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Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood