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Can Any Wood be used for a Cutting Board?

So what wood can be used for a cutting board? Maple Hardwood boards have been around for years, why maple? It was a readily available hardwood in North America that did the job. Now with our improved knowledge of wood, we can explore other options for cutting board woods. To start we keep in mind you want a wood that will withstand cut marks from normal knife use, but also not so hard that it will dull your blade. You also want a wood that is not toxic. Some woods naturally have "toxins" in the wood that can't be removed. You don't want those toxins in your food.

We have carefully chosen woods that have the hardness you need and no possibilities of toxins to leach into you food. We combine a variety of woods to create a beautiful cutting board that not only works, but look beautiful in your home. Woods are chosen based on there availability and look. We choose pieces that have character to build our boards. Weather the right combination of colours or the natural beauty in the wood itself. Each board is planned out to be a piece of art in your kitchen.

Check out our shopping area regularly as we post new board as they are completed.

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