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It is just a Cutting board

For so many years it was just a cutting board. A kitchen tool that was necessary, but unlike a kitchen knife or cooking pots there was really no choice. You had a maple cutting board. You may have changed to to butcher block styled board. But THAT WAS IT!

Well I decided I wanted to have a cutting board with more personality. I saw big box retailers brining in different cutting boards, bamboo and acacia to name a few. But I quickly learned that bamboo is not a wood cutting board, it is a grass and that those acacia boards were laminated boards, not hardwood all the way through. Needless to say those boards quickly ended up in the trash as they fell apart after a few months of use.

My husband got an earful about the cutting board. I just wanted something that would last and look good. I mean my board stayed on the counter all the time. I just wanted it to look nice. Well I guess he had enough of listening to me. One day he went into his workshop and said no "peeking". For about 2 weeks I was not allowed to see the secret work, but he eventually emerged and with him a end grain cutting board for me. It was gorgeous. He had secretly been learning and went out to get purple heart, walnut and cherry wood.

Little did I know that he had been listening to my griping and decided he would learn how to make a cutting board for me. I helps that he had his workshop and loved to build. He had spend hours researching wood varieties, hardness and toxins ( I guess some have toxins and you can use them for anything that touches food). He spending hours learning about how to make the board and with his usual high standards wanted to know that he was going to build a great piece. He figured out down to the multiple wet sand finishes. how to make a true cutting board that would last me and that would look amazing

Well at first I didn't even want to cut on the board, it looked so beautiful. I left it on the counter and just put things on it. In fact he got made at me that I was still using the crappy maple board. So the next day I said ok, I have to use this board and OMG! it was an AH HA moment! The first knife cut fell amazing and the board sounded so good as I cut dinner up that day. The solid sound and the soft handful of the board had me sold. I was over the moon. The maple board was forgotten and I had a new piece of functional art for my kitchen.

I use that board to this day. I oil it once a week, I just love how it looks when it is refreshed. The board has the same soft hand feel is the same as the day he gave it to me. It is so smooth and I have cut everything on it. Can you see the cut marks? I am not a world class chef, but I love cooking for the family. There is a spot that he wants to fix. But I won't let him. I tell him I never want to part with my board.

In fact we want everyone to enjoy there cutting boards the same way we have. We want everyone to know that you can have a beautiful functional cutting board in your kitchen that will not warp or break, that you can use with Japanese cutting knives one day and the use to serve a charcuterie board at your next dinner party.

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