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Which style of cutting board ?

There are 3 main tips of cutting board. Flat panel, Edge grain and end grain. What is the difference?


These cutting surfaces are typically constructed by gluing boards together edge to edge, just like a wooden table top.  You are able to identify these as each individual wood piece will be wider across the top of the surface of the butcher block.


Moving up in quality and price, you’ll find edge grain boards. Similar to the construction of bowling lane flooring, this type has a series of boards that are glued up face to face, leaving thin, narrow bands running across the surface. Normally thicker than the face grain varieties, these are much less prone to warping than their face-grained cousins. Edge grain construction can make for very nice products, and other than scratch marks being more visible on these than on the end grain varieties, they make excellent cutting boards. One additional benefit is that they do not have to be as thick as the end grain products to minimize chances of cracking or splitting. This means that they may be made lighter, and thus they are easier to heft into a sink if you wish to do so. Also, most “butcher block” countertops are manufactured with this method.


The crème de la crème of cutting boards are the end grain variety, and these have the traditional “butcher block” appearance. The wood that comprises these examples is joined together so the end grain faces the work surface. The end grain can be thought of as the very end of a typical board.

Choosing a board is not just about what style, but how your feel about the board. Do you like the look and feel of the board? Are you proud to have the board on your countertop? When you pick up the board is it the right weight, not to heavy, not to light. We believe you choose a cutting board by touch, feel and look. The board has to be something you want to seen you kitchen, is the right size for your space and is easy for you to use. So pick the board that appeal to you.

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