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Why not just a maple cutting board

We are not against Maple cutting boards. They are great, just plain. For those that enjoy cooking you know that having a good cutting board makes everything so much smoother in the kitchen. Maple cutting board have been a long standing staple, Thank you John Boos. He help bring the fact that a good cutting board is essential for every kitchen.

We just want our cutting boards to not only be a functional part of our kitchen, but look good as well. Having a board that naturally has an amazing purple, red, or dark brown colour just add the right finishing touch to a kitchen. Kitchens now a days have such style and elegance, it seemed such a shame to have a plain maple cutting board. We also want our boards to be functional and not just veneered to look good. We made solid wood boards, not the veneered ones you get from the big box retailers. You can feel the difference when you pick one up. Solid wood is heavier.

We want all of our boards to be unique and a piece of art. Each piece is designed to show off the beautiful natural beauty of the wood. We combine different woods in unique ways so that you are proud to leave your cutting board out. We believe that each board should be an piece of art that you are proud to have on your countertop for everyone to see. I guess in a some way we want to start a cutting board revolution.

Weather we are combining Walnut, Sipo, Purple Heart, Cherry or other woods we want the combination to add to you home, but still be functional. Have a look at the variety of boards we offer and check back regularly. We are always posting new boards. So take a leap and join our cutting board revolution.

Happy Cutting!

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