This stunning piece of functional art has been created from salvage wood and epoxy.   These personal aroma therapy diffusers are a beautiful way to diffuse your favourite fragrance.  Simply put a drop or two of your favourite aroma oil on the image in the center and let the wood absorb and diffuse the fragrance.  Keep close to you at your desk, you can let the fragrance roam naturally or pick up the piece and enjoy the scent when needed. 


How to use


  Place the aroma therapy oil holder on a flat surface.  Desk, kitchen counter or end table where you will be.  Put 1-2 drops of your favourite aromatherapy fragrance oil  on the image in the center.  Let the wood natural absorb the oil. The wood will naturally diffuse the fragrance over time.  Reapply fragrance oil as needed.  No electricity needed.



EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA FOR ANY OCCASION! Sure to be a showstopper & conversational piece at your next party or event. Weddings, Birthdays, Mothers/Father's Day, Christmas, Corporate Events, & House Warming, Spas, Hotels & Restaurants. 




 These pieces are natural wood.  The fragrance oil will eventually saturate through the wood.  Please don't over infuse with fragrance oil. The wood may have it own natural fragrance that is releases with your oil. 



Each piece is approx 2" x 2" x .5" 

(all measurements are approximate) 




Although all pieces uwill be constructed with the exact stated woods, the wood grain and epoxy colours may vary throughout, due to the uniqueness of all natural woods.




Occasionally use wood cleaner, wax or oil to maintain the luster of the piece

* DO NOT leave in sunlight for long periods of time

* DO NOT submerge or soak in water





Wooden Essential Oil Diffusers