"Floating" is a stunning art piece that is sure to be the center of attention in your home. We used some incredible maple burl and a combination of clear, sky blue and blue pearl epoxy to create this one of a kind piece.     The sky blue and blue pearl epoxy are combined and carefully added to the clear to capture the natural chemical movement of the epoxy in time. We use a pour technique that allows the epoxy to naturally mix, but not to much!  The reaction stops as the epoxy sets and we can see this amazing movement.    The clear epoxy let us see the jagged and sharp edges of the maple burl. A creating from nature that can't be duplicated by man. Mother nature created the most incredible depth and texture.This one of a kind piece is approx 25" x 9"Please contact directly for accurate shipping cost. Only rough estimate provided on line.

Floating - Maple burl art piece