A truly amazing centerpiece to any home.  This 8 person dining table is a stunning piece. You will never be too far from the ocean with this piece in your home.


Each River table is created to enchance the wood that we are working with. This amazing piece shows off the beauty of the wood. Our epoxy is poured in exacting process that allows to two colours to mix, but not overmix to create depth in the piece.  You get deeper blue and clear "water" just like you would see in a shoreline.  


We created a one of kind blend of blue and clear epoxy river that really compliments the beauty of the Mappa Burl wood.  The colour blend creates a wonderful 3D ocean effect through the table.  Finished off with black V legs this table will be a stunning center piece in any home.  


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Mappa Burl River Table aka "Ocean Oasis"