This stunning piece of functional art is created out of Purple Heart Wood.  The board is then fracture burned to create the branches and then the branches are filled with art resin.  


Every board is finished to a extrodinary smooth as glass finish. You have to feel it to belive it. The smooth surface make it a pleasure to use and display in your home. 

This cutting board is the natural color of the wood - no stains or dyes are used. Therefore the beautiful grains can been seen.


We recommend to wash your board with soap and water and let air dry to presevve the beauty of the product.  Treat occasionally with your favorite board oil.

This cutting board measures: 14" x 7 1/2" x 1"  ( 9 1/2' x 7 1/2' serving surface) all measurements are approximate.

All cutting boards are pre-seasoned with food grade oil. Therefore ready to use when you receive it. 

Every home deserves a amazing serving board, doesn't yours deserve a beautiful, functional piece of kitchen art which can be left out and displayed!

Although all boards will be constructed with the exact stated woods, the wood grain and colors may vary throughout, due to the uniqueness of all natural woods.

Purple Heart Charcuterie Board

  • Each item is handcrafted with pride.  There are natural imperfections in every item we craft.  These imperfections add to the natural beauty of the finish product.  


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